If you’re going thru hell, keep going!

In Uncategorized on June 7, 2016 by hengkrishnaaa

I don’t write here regularly anymore. I find it hard to write anything coz nothing interesting happened lately.. so yah..  sometimes life is indeed pretty boring and challenging….  but well, I should be happy with it though! I am blessing and thankful bcos I have a caring and supportive wife…I have a warm family and a wonderful mother. Even we don’t have much money (believe me, you’ll never be enough with this thing no matter how much you have!)  but at least I do enjoy life with what I have in hands. It doesn’t mean I am not ambitious and carefree! I do have many dream for myself and my families…I still remember vividly those dream in my mind. I do care of my families’ future. Needless to say, I am the only one who have to be responsible for realizing those dream!

Life is not always beautiful and easy as we expect it to be! There are days when everything seems to go wrong and complaining about those bad things is the last better choice. Of course, people know clearly that it’s easier to complain what we don’t want to happen instead of fixing the problem. However, nothing better changes by complaining but it only ruins and complicates the situation and the problem. Do not get stuck in this current mood. The rainbow will appear at the end of the tunnel. Keep going even you’re going thru mud or hell! …That is definitely easier said than done. But do it for the sake of your own happiness!



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