Learning to Go With the Flow

In Uncategorized on March 30, 2016 by hengkrishnaaa

Just looked into the mirror in my office and saw an unshaven face of a man! Well, it’s me!  People start calling me “a married man” since the first day of my wedding.  I am almost 30-year-old now. Time flies so fast! I feel as if I didn’t pass my golden age (20-27). I spent my youth time abroad in the Eastern Europe. I did enjoy my boundless freedom and did enjoy with what I had in hands. A very big part of me has been influenced by Russians and mixed culture.  It is already 20th month since the very first day I returned back home. I have been shocked with many things happening in this society! Sometimes, I have to calm myself to accept what God wants me to be and learn to go with the flow. Sometimes, I think I am an outsider or an alien in this country. Perhaps, it is one of the consequences of learning abroad. You will sometimes find yourself different from your native people. 20 months in this kingdom, I still cannot find the permanent place to stand for my big dream besides those places where I am not proud to be in. 

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