Love Has No Boundaries

In Uncategorized on October 12, 2008 by hengkrishnaaa

Ooo Motherland Cambodia ! Beloved family and friends! I miss you so much! How can I express my deep love and emotion how much I miss you ! How much I love you !

There are remain two weeks I’m going to have my first exam. But tonight I’m sitting near the window and looking outside with the feeling of missing, missing, missing to those who are far away in my homeland, Cambodia. Now it’s 2 a.m the sky is too dark. No sound was heard, except the one rain and wind. Nothing visible, except fogs around the campus where I live.

Seeing people with their families makes me feel lonely from my warm family, beloved parents and my country – Cambodia. I wonder when I can meet them again. How long I have to spend my life in Moscow to finish my higher education ? I am really moved and want to return back to my homeland as soon as I can at the thought of these things. Seeing Russia’s scenery,makes me miss my homeland, homestead, rice fields, dogs and remembrance since my childhood in Kampong Cham province.

It’s my commitement after finishing higher education in Moscow: I have to return back to my country, no matter how poor and difficult my life will face. I’m satified to bring my little knowledge to help Khmer, to promote the national prestige and to help developing country with my potential khmer people. My hands which have been offered by Khmer must in turn help people.


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